Drinks that live.

Once upon a time, there was water which was hidden in Finland’s deepest gravel ridge. There it waited, until it gave up to its character: it felt that it had to flow and change. Move. Find new places to go.

25 years ago the very first Novelle was born from this natural water. But it didn’t end there. Soon it took other new forms: it got company from fruits and berries flavours, vitamins, minerals, natural caffeine. And so it flows, changes and lives on as water’s wild and free nature should. Its thirst for life and its will to be reborn.

This has led Novelle to be a market leader. The same, tasty and healthy gravel ridge-filtered water is still a base for every Novelle. Because of that Novelle is an unique drink for thirst, well-being, accompanying food and just to enjoy with life.

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Novelle Plus

The Hartwall Novelle Plus product family consists of beverages to which vitamins and minerals important for your daily wellbeing have been added. These beverages make you feel good and are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. The product family features six products: Hartwall Novelle Plus Multi B+C, Hartwall Novelle Plus C+E, Hartwall Novelle Plus Magnesium +C, Hartwall Novelle Plus Zinc +E, Hartwall Novelle Plus Calcium as well as Hartwall Novelle Plus Chromium + Zinc.

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Novelle Kuplamehu

Hartwall Novelle Fruity is a blend of juice and mineral water. It is as refreshing and drinkable as mineral water and as natural and healthy as juice. The flavour of the drinks come from real berries and fruits.

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Soft Drinks

Hartwall Jaffa

Hartwall Jaffa – the “Authentic and Original” – is a Finnish soft drink that was launched in 1949. Now it is the best-loved beverage brand in Finland. Hartwall Jaffa is known above all for its fruity orange soft drink Hartwall Jaffa Appelsiini, and this is the biggest single product in the Hartwall Jaffa range, which today boast a diverse product line, offering drinks for many different tastes. As well as sugar-sweetened and light beverages, the Hartwall Jaffa range also includes Hartwall Jaffa Super drinks. Jaffa Super drinks combine lightness and naturalness with superlative flavour, thanks to a sweetener made from the leaves of the stevia plant.

The flavour of Hartwall Jaffa always comes from real fruits, because only natural flavourings are used in Hartwall Jaffa drinks.

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Hartwall Limonadi

The three soft drinks of the Hartwall Limonadi product family – Hartwall Limonadi Omena, Päärynä and Vadelma – are all top quality and traditional soft drinks for sweet moments of enjoyment.

Hartwall Limonadi Omena is one of the market’s most unique and most traditional soft drinks. A closely guarded recipe, originating in Vyborg and dating back to the Interim Peace in the Second World War, gives the product a soft, round and well-balanced flavour, which is almost impossible to imitate. The apple lemonade has a fruity and sweet taste, and a low carbonic acid content. The sister products Hartwall Limonadi Päärynä and Vadelma complement the traditional lemonade family, which transports you back to summers spent at grandma’s.

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Pommac is a high quality and traditional mixed fruit soft drink for everyday enjoyment and special occasions. Its unique taste is created using an original, decades-old recipe in which the concentrate used in the soft drink is matured in oak barrels for three months. Pommac is reportedly the only soft drink with an ingredient matured in oak barrels. Pommac is not as sweet as the other soft drinks.

Made from real fruits and berries, Pommac is Finland’s oldest soft drink still in production. It has been made in Sweden since 1919 and first came to Finland in the early 1930s. Pommac has remained popular to this day and has been among Finland’s top ten soft drinks for years.

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PepsiCo is the world’s third largest food company, and Pepsi-Cola is its flagship brand. Pepsi production began in the USA in 1898. Pepsi entered the Finnish market in 1968, and since 1999 Hartwall has been Pepsi’s production and distribution partner in Finland.

In North Carolina in January 1898, Caleb Bradham began making a new beverage he had created from water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils and cola nuts. The same year he gave the beverage the name Pepsi-Cola. Rated the cola beverage with the best flavour in blind testings, Pepsi is the market’s most dynamic, active and youthful cola brand.

The success story of calorie-free Pepsi Max began in Finland in 1994. After its debut, Pepsi Max deservedly took its place as Finland’s overwhelmingly most popular sugar-free soft drink. Finns are particularly attracted by Pepsi Max’s full-bodied cola flavour and the fact that the beverage is calorie-free. “Maximum taste, no sugar” is the promise, and Pepsi Max certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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Speciality Drinks



Lapin Kulta

We all need moments of relaxation and enjoyment to balance the hectic pace of modern life. Lapin Kulta invites you to pause and savour a quiet, refreshing moment.

Lapin Kulta is deeply rooted in pristine Finnish nature. Brewed from pure, natural ingredients, Lapin Kulta is refreshing and full-bodied – a beer to savour.

As well as classic Lapin Kulta lager, the product family also includes Lapin Kulta Arctic Malt local beers. Using a code of origin found on the container, you can learn about the origin and production stages of every can and bottle of these beers.

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Karjala is a golden, strong lager that pours a generous head. Full-bodied malt and selected hops make Karjala a high quality beer, a favourite among regular guys who want a straight-up brew. Karjala is a proud sponsor of events, like ice hockey, which call for skill and strength.

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Hartwall Aura is a pale and fresh lager made in the spirit of the original Aura recipe. The Aura brewery was founded at Linnankatu, Turku in 1884, and first Aura beers were brewed in March 1885.

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Sininen is a genuine Finnish lager that was first brewed back in 1935. Traditional Sininen has been called an aristocrat of beers, and with good reason.

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Foster’s is a refreshing premium beer from Australia that’s all about sun and fun. Engaging and laidback, Foster’s is especially appealing to young adults who live life to the fullest and love to have fun in great company.

Foster’s is characterised by delicate, fruity hops and has a balanced and smooth flavour with a clean and fresh finish.

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Heineken is enjoyed in almost every country on the planet and is the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand. It has been brewed to its original recipe since 1873. The beer has a mild hop taste and a fresh, fruity bouquet.

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Sol is a light and very refreshing authentic Mexican lager that is served well chilled with a slice of lime. Sol’s motto is “Espiritu Libre”, and it is also suits very well adults who like to live their lives to the full.

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Polar Monkeys

“No Monkey Business”,
Just Good Monkey Brews – Polar Monkeys
Polar Monkeys beer was born from Finnish marketing monkeys passion for good brews without monkey business. It took us many brews and many more tasting sessions before the dream came true. Finally, a license to brew was granted by the tribe leaders for our Nordic brewery.

The Polar Monkeys beer, as we now know it, is a ravishing result stemming from three key components: good beer made by our pros, stylish low-necked bottle found by our propeller head monkey and the merry graphics designed by our graphic monkey.
Created by Monkeys – Brewed by Pros

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Birra Moretti

Luigi Moretti’s beer and ice factory was founded in 1859 in Udine, in the Friuli region of Italy. The first bottles of Birra Moretti were sold in 1860.
Today Birra Moretti is exported to over 40 countries around the world and it has won important international awards. Birra Moretti beer captivates new admirers continuously and the so the story goes on.

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Murphy’s Irish Stout

Murphy’s Irish Stout is an authentic Irish stout that has been produced since 1854. Silky smooth Murphy’s has a roasted, coffee-like flavour. Black in colour, when poured the beer acquires a beautiful head that lasts right down to the last sip.

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Krušovice brews highly regarded beers with long traditions. Finns have taken to these brews. The Royal Brewery of Krušovice has made beer in a small Bohemian village close to Prague for over 400 years. Today, Krušovice beers are sales leaders in the Czech Republic and popular export beers.

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Happy Joe

The high-quality Happy Joe cider offers an authentic taste indulgence and leaves a delicious taste. This cider is made using carefully selected ingredients, respecting the traditional cider manufacturing methods.

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Upcider is clearly the Finnish cider market leader. Upcider is the consumer’s reliable choice and blind taste tests winner with its natural and fresh flavour variants. The package layout communicates naturalness, freshness and quality. All Upciders are made with only natural flavourings. The “Naturally fresh” -stamp on the label is an indication of the cider’s natural origin.

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Strongbow is a real English cider: dry and refreshingly sharp. It is also the world’s bestselling cider.

Strongbow is made by Bulmers, established in Hereford, England in 1887. Strongbow was launched in 1960 and since then it has steadily grown in popularity. In the UK, it holds a stunning 63% share of the market. Now Strongbow is also enjoyed by cider lovers in 56 other countries.

To this day, Strongbow is made from bittersweet apples at the Bulmers cider mill in Hereford. The quintessence of British cider, it’s dry and sharp, bursting with apple flavour.

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Bulmers is a real English cider that comes from the renowned cider region of Hereford, England. Passion and skill are an integral part of Hereford cider production. At Bulmers, deep knowledge of and respect for cider tradition are combined with high technology and rigorous quality control. The ciders made by Bulmers typically have a rich fruity flavour.

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Long Drinks

Original Long Drink

Hartwall Original Long Drink is a crisp mixed drink that blends the refreshing taste of gin with the tang of grapefruit. The beverage was launched for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952 with an eye on lightening the workloads of restaurant staff as they served Olympic tourists. The ready-mixed, bottled Long Drink was such a big hit among Finns that the company decided to keep it on the market.

Hartwall Original Long Drink remains by far the most popular long drink in Finland and is the bestselling brand in Alko stores. In recent years, new flavours have been added to the Original Long Drink.

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Original 2,6%

Grapefruit flavoured long drink low in alcohol content.

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Microbrewery products


The Stallhagen Brewery is located in a scenic location in the Åland countryside and takes its name Stallhagen (in English: stable pasture) from the place where the brewery building is located. The Swedish king Gustav Vaasa used the Grelsby estate as a dwelling place when visiting the Åland Islands. The Grelsby estate also includes a stable and a nearby pasture, to which the name Stallhagen refers.

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