PepsiCo is the world’s third largest food company, and Pepsi-Cola is its flagship brand. Pepsi production began in the USA in 1898. Pepsi entered the Finnish market in 1968, and since 1999 Hartwall has been Pepsi’s production and distribution partner in Finland.

In North Carolina in January 1898, Caleb Bradham began making a new beverage he had created from water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils and cola nuts. The same year he gave the beverage the name Pepsi-Cola. Rated the cola beverage with the best flavour in blind testings, Pepsi is the market’s most dynamic, active and youthful cola brand.

The success story of calorie-free Pepsi Max began in Finland in 1994. After its debut, Pepsi Max deservedly took its place as Finland’s overwhelmingly most popular sugar-free soft drink. Finns are particularly attracted by Pepsi Max’s full-bodied cola flavour and the fact that the beverage is calorie-free. “Maximum taste, no sugar” is the promise, and Pepsi Max certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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Pepsi Max Ginger


  • Ingredients

    Water, carbon dioxide, colouring (E150d)

  • sweeteners (aspartame, E950), acidity regulators (E338, E330)

  • presevative (E202), stabilizer (E1450), flavourings (incl. caffeine)

  • Source of phenylalanine

  • Packaging

    0.5 l recyclable plastic bottle

  • Nutrition facts

    per 100ml

  • Energy kJ / kcal

    2 / 0,6

  • Fat g


  • of which saturates g


  • Carbohydrates g


  • of which sugars g


  • Protein g


  • Salt g