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Taste trendy gin in Slush’s signature drink Original Slush 2.0

Original Slush is a slushy version of Hartwall’s ready-mixed long drink from 1952.

Original Slush, a signature drink designed for the startup event Slush, was introduced last year. This year, cocktail bar A21 has refined the drink into version 2.0, which a three-person jury got to taste ahead of the event. For Bruce Oreck, former U.S Ambassador to Finland, the drink was his first ever tasting of a ready-mixed long drink.

Slush, which has grown to be the leading startup event in Europe, attracts to Helsinki international guests from all over the world. Last year, Hartwall combined forces with Slush and the signature drink, Original Slush, was introduced. The drink was inspired by the idea of updating the Finnish Christmas classic  to better suit Slush.

“We have a saying in Finland: ‘Weather as grey as a long drink’. It refers to the slushy conditions that are typical to November especially. The Finnish word for Slush is ‘loska’ and since the event takes place in November, the idea was born to develop the ready-mixed long drink into a slushy signature drink for the event,” says Hartwall Original Long Drink’s Brand Manager Eeva Ignatius

This year in the innovative spirit of Slush, Original Slush has been updated to version 2.0 by Timo Siitonen, the founder of the A21 cocktail bar, which has previously won the award of the world’s best cocktail bar.

“Original Slush 2.0 is made with the stronger 7.5% Original Strong ready-mixed long drink, which really brings out the flavour of the gin.  Gin is one of the most trendy alcohol drinks at the moment,” says Timo Siitonen, the owner of A21 cocktail bar.

Original Slush was Bruce Oreck’s first ready-mixed long drink


Original Slush 2.0 was tasted by the U.S. Ambassador to Finland Bruce Oreck, Peter Vesterbacka, who has been with Slush since it began, and Kalle Lindroth from the new Slush Music event.

For Bruce Oreck, Original Slush 2.0 was his first taste of a ready-mixed long drink.

“I’ve never tasted a ready-mixed long drink before, but you can really taste the gin in this,” says Oreck. In addition to its strong gin flavour, the drink was also complimented for its slushy texture.

The great story of Hartwall Original Long Drink also appealed to the tasters. Hartwall Original Long Drink was an innovation in its time in 1952, when it was developed as a way for bartenders to quickly quench the thirst of tourists. The drink created a new category of long drinks in Finland and was also unique globally. At the same time, it took its place in Finnish cultural history.

“Abroad, the brand and its story play a large part in purchase decisions. Harwall Original Long Drink has a very interesting story and a long history,” says Oreck.

“The drink would suit Slush events in Asia as well,” Vesterbacka continues.


Slush is held 30 November – 1 December 2016 at Messukeskus Helsinki, where the event gathers together some 15,000 visitors from over 100 countries. The ready-mixed long drink will be introduced to Slush visitors via a commercial video. Original Slush 2.0 will be served at the Slush after-party on 1 December.

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