Responsible Hartwall

– We are committed to continuously improve our Safety, Health, Quality, Food safety and Environment systems by promoting cooperation and open communication with both Hartwall’s internal and external contacts.

– At all times, we are compliant with all applicable legal and Group’s requirements.

– We are all, each and every one of us, responsible for our Safety, Health, Quality, Food safety and Environment.

– In order to prevent any accidents and/or incidents from occurring, we conduct all the appropriate risk assessments, and behave accordingly.

– We all share passion for Quality.

– We always respect Human Rights.

Safety & Health statement

– We prioritize Safety and Health.
– We want Hartwall to be a safe place to work. Our highest priority is that after each working day all employees and contractors return home safe and healthy. We strive for zero accidents and occupational diseases.

Quality statement

– We behave according to the procedures described in Hartwall Quality System.
– We produce and distribute high Quality products, which meet or exceed all the required specifications.

Food safety statement

– We follow our Food safety system to ensure that we produce and deliver food safe products.

Environment statement

– We respect the Environment in everything we do.
– We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by decreasing our usage of energy and materials.

Enjoy responsibly

Moderate use is fundamentally each individual’s own responsibility. It’s worth taking a moment to review and consider one’s own habits. As a brewing company, we aim to steer consumption towards quality instead of quantity and to influence the development of a positive and moderate drinking culture. A responsible drinking culture consists of shared attitudes and habits, but also of individual choice.

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Federation of the brewing and soft drinks industry

As a member of the Federation of the Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry, Hartwall bears its corporate responsibility in terms of both social and environmental issues. The brewing industry is committed to the principle of sustainable development and to the responsible advertising and marketing of products.

The Federation of the Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry aims to collaborate with different organizations to develope the drinking culture to a more responsible direction. The Federation has among other carried out an extensive, and according to research data, effective campaign Drunk, your fool.

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