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Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen will create fresh new Finnish culinary culture

Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant

Designed by the world-famous Catalan designer Martí Guixé and Antto Melasniemi, the Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant, which will stimulate taste-buds with the help of solar power, will open its doors at Teurastamo in Helsinki in August. What will happen when a group of unconventional figures in culinary culture and the food visionary Antto Melasniemi gather together there for two weeks to create new Finnish cuisine? The most refreshing and interesting lunch restaurant of the year will be open on sunny days in 7.–20.8.

A group of urban innovators, heroes of harvest, city gourmets, meat experts, and many other pioneers will gather, curated by Antto Melasniemi, to share ideas and create new Finnish cuisine together. Traditional and fresh ingredients, a modern vision of Finnish cuisine and the joy of creating something together will combine to form classic dishes of tomorrow.

“The ambassadors of culinary culture that have been selected for the project have each in their own way built up new Finnish cuisine, and they’re not necessarily all professional cooks, but a colourful and original bunch of people who love Finnish food,” says Melasniemi.

The event will surely be to many people’s taste, because the recipes that are created in the process will be enjoyed for two weeks in a restaurant powered only by solar energy, which will open its doors in the courtyard of Kellohalli in Helsinki on 7 August. The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant designed by Martí Guixé and Antto Melasniemi will be built around large mirror-like, solar-powered cookers. Guixé, who is preparing the restaurant in Berlin at the moment, promises that in addition to taste, the other senses will also be stimulated.

“It is always a pleasure to do the solar kitchen restaurant in Helsinki, where the sun is as valuable as gold, but it is more interesting to see Antto cooking with gold!” says Guixé.

The Finnish cuisine recipe bank that will be created in the restaurant will celebrate Lapin Kulta, which is turning 140.

“Freshness, Finnishness, pure ingredients and genuine creation are at the heart of Lapin Kulta. A new, quality beer and culinary culture is especially important to us. The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant will once again set the bar for how interesting and, at the same time, truly respectful of tradition restaurant culture can be. 140 years ago, the story of Lapin Kulta began on the wide expanses of the North lit up by the midnight sun, and now we will celebrate this milestone together with the sun,” says Lapin Kulta Brand Manager Pekko Koski.

The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen restaurant, a joint project by Lapin Kulta, Martí Guixé and Antti Melasniemi, opened its doors for the first time during Milan’s design week in April 2011 and attracted great international attention right away. The tour continued on later to Finland and also to places such as Japan. In Finland, the restaurant was also awarded a Golden Award in the Best of the Year competition organised by Grafia. The construction of the summer 2013 restaurant will start in the beginning of August, and free solar kitchen building workshops will be organised for the public before the restaurant opens its doors. Further information will also be published on our Facebook page closer to the event.


More information:
Antto Melasniemi, antto (at) melasniemi.fi, +358 40 411 5316
Lapin Kulta Brand Manager, Pekko Koski, pekko.koski (at) hartwall.fi, tel. +358 40 555 0858, available from 29 July.
Event Producer, Elina Forss, info (at) lkskr.com, available from 22 July, tel. +358 50 303 3528

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Antto Melasniemi
Antto Melasniemi is a restaurateur, food visionary and concept planner, whose other projects in addition to the Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant include the pop-up restaurant HEL YES! that gained reputation at London design week in autumn 2010. He is also known for his successful restaurants Ateljé Finne and Kuurna as well as Putte’s Bar & Pizza and Kellohalli in Helsinki.

Martí Guixé
The works of Barcelona resident Martí Guixé have been shown, for example, at MoMA in New York, the Design Museum in London and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Guixé, who has called himself an ex-designer, has worked with firms such as Alessi, Camper and Desigual.