Hartwall Jaffa

Hartwall Jaffa – the “Authentic and Original” – is a Finnish soft drink that was launched in 1949. Now it is the best-loved beverage brand in Finland. Hartwall Jaffa is known above all for its fruity orange soft drink Hartwall Jaffa Appelsiini, and this is the biggest single product in the Hartwall Jaffa range, which today boast a diverse product line, offering drinks for many different tastes. As well as sugar-sweetened and light beverages, the Hartwall Jaffa range also includes Hartwall Jaffa Super drinks. Jaffa Super drinks combine lightness and naturalness with superlative flavour, thanks to a sweetener made from the leaves of the stevia plant.

The flavour of Hartwall Jaffa always comes from real fruits, because only natural flavourings are used in Hartwall Jaffa drinks.

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