Drinks that live.

Once upon a time, there was water which was hidden in Finland’s deepest gravel ridge. There it waited, until it gave up to its character: it felt that it had to flow and change. Move. Find new places to go.

25 years ago the very first Novelle was born from this natural water. But it didn’t end there. Soon it took other new forms: it got company from fruits and berries flavours, vitamins, minerals, natural caffeine. And so it flows, changes and lives on as water’s wild and free nature should. Its thirst for life and its will to be reborn.

This has led Novelle to be a market leader. The same, tasty and healthy gravel ridge-filtered water is still a base for every Novelle. Because of that Novelle is an unique drink for thirst, well-being, accompanying food and just to enjoy with life.

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